SOLVED! Xbox One Region Locking

Regional locking is common among gaming hardware and Xbox One is not an exception. There have been region blocks that prevent Xbox gamers from accessing content they seek. Due to popular demand, this article is here to tell you everything about Xbox One region blocking. Read to the end and you would be able to circumvent region locking with relative ease.

The Reasons Behind Region Locking 

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As stated earlier, regional locking or regional coding restricts the Xbox consoles that prevent non-exclusive regions from enjoying the same benefits. Below are some of the reasons why;

The Regional Impact Of Products 

It is one of the reasons why most companies will want to restrict their products and offer them exclusively in one region. Due to potential market availability and ready to buy customers from a certain region, companies will initiate this method to boost sales in that particular region. It can be referred to as localization.

Legal Reasons

Legal reasons can also be another factor that brings about regional blocking. A company may not want to sell or make its products available in other regions mainly for two reasons. One, it might be due to censorship. Censorship laws protect a product or service from third-party piracy or interference. Some laws in other regions might not abide by the companies’ regularities. Lastly, we have companies that lack the rights to own intellectual property in foreign regions.


Release staggering is very common with lots of services and product providers globally. Staggering a release is one way of promoting a product to sell at a steady pace. This way, many customers do not get hold of a product immediately after its release. If you are in regions far from where a service or product is launched, you will be blocked from accessing it.

Foreign Licensors And Publishers

When a product sells and grows fast, foreigners will send loads of emails requesting a partnership. However, quite a number are usually not good at what they do and perhaps your product or service might end up in losses.


Getting Rid Of Region Locking: Suggestions 

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Change The Location 

  • Step 1. First, you have to log in to your Xbox One
  • Step 2. Open Guide, located on the left side of the home screen.
  • Step 3.Choose; Settings >All settings>System.
  • Step 4. Pick on language and location.
  • Step 5. Now select your location and hit restart to Get rid of the current profile.

Delete The Profile 

  • Step 1. Hit Guide on your controller.
  • Step 2. Go to settings and then system settings.
  • Step 3. Select Storage>All devices>Game profiles.
  • Step 4. Choose on the Gamertag and Delete it.
  • Step 5. Pick Delete Profile Only to ensure that your previous games are saved

Clear Memory Cache

  • Step 1. Check on your console controller and hit Guide.
  • Step 2. Then go to Settings>System settings.
  • Step 3.Choose Storage>Memory
  • Step 4. Choose the storage device and hit Y on the controller.
  • Step 5. Clear cache system.
  • Step 6. Confirm.
  • Step 7. Finally, reboot the console.


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Will funds on my Xbox be transferred if I change location?

That won’t be possible since Microsoft does not allow funds to transfer from your previous location to another region. Perhaps you might have to start fresh and work on your funds.

Are all Xbox regions-locked?

Nope, what makes an Xbox region-locked is the kind of movies and games used. All consoles are free from region block.

Are every content prone to region blocking on Xbox One?

As stated earlier, all current Xbox Models, including Xbox One, are region lock-free. However, getting a regional block often happens depending on the movies you chose to watch with your Xbox One and some games you pick to play. Call of Duty is one game that gets locked in some regions. Most motion picture companies and studios launch a game and decide not to release the entire globe.

The move is to increase sales in the specified region, most likely the home region, otherwise referred to as localization. For instance, movies and games released in the UK or US might be blocked from accessing other regions. Blu-ray movies are the most blocked ones since the studios themselves control the flow.

It is what we call staggering the product. It might take a couple of months before the movie is released to the other regions. In the meantime, folks within that region will surely get region blocking.

In some instances, your Xbox might get locked from accessing content and games from some regions. It also happens when you relocate to another region that is blocked. It is usually a result of some errors and system malfunction.

Tips And Tricks

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  • Use VPN to play region-blocked games

If you want to “hungrily” want to play a certain game on your Xbox console but it seems to have issues, don’t panic. Get a VPN  and have it configured on your router so that your location seems perfect.

  • Try out region block removal tools

Region blocking can be frustrating to a point where you can’t watch any DVDs or Blu-ray movies or even play games. However, you can use a special tool that can help you get rid of the region blocking. This is a special tool that is specialized to remove blocking on Blu-ray discs using a special code.

  • Ensure both console and game region codes match

Failure to have a matching code on boh the console and the game will obviously bring about the region blocking issues. Ensure that both are compatible.

If you get blocked from using your Xbox One console, then it is obvious you have been region-blocked. Fun activities such as Xbox live streaming, Blu-ray movies, and watching DVDs won’t be available. No need to panic since the above guidelines are the most efficient way to never think of doubting.


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