SOLVED! Weather Disappeared From Pixel

Google created Pixel phones to give you the performance and functionality of high-end devices like iPhone and Samsung. However, these devices have become synonymous with one minor problem: “Weather disappeared from Pixel”. Fortunately, we have identified the root of the problem and outlined proven solutions. Read on as we discuss what must be done when

Weather Not Showing Up On Pixel: Summary 

The disappearance of the Weather widget in Google Pixel devices is attributed to several factors:

When Google Cannot Find Your Location

If you happen to deactivate the location feature for all your apps, the Weather widget will disappear. To correct this, you need to turn on your location. The Weather widget will show up after a few seconds. The option will not always work in some instances.

When you restart your device

The Weather widget might take a while before showing up on the home screen right after you restart your Pixel device

When you enable the battery saver or flight mode

Another explanation for the absence of the Weather widget is the activation of the flight mode or battery saver. 

How To Get Weather Back

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Update Software 

The Weather widget is likely to malfunction if the gadget’s software is outdated. Consequently, it is imperative to check for any updates and install if available regularly. Go to Settings > Software update > Download and install

Clear Cache

When Weather disappeared from Pixel, the first fix to try is to clear the launcher cache. The steps below will guide you through this process:

  • Step 1.Head over to the Settings section
  • Step 2.Click on Apps
  • Step 3.Tap on the three vertical dots located on the top right, also called the Ellipsis symbol
  • Step 4.Choose Show system apps
  • Step 5.Search for a Pixel launcher
  • Step 6.Click on the launcher, then choose Storage
  • Step 7.Clear launcher cache and start your Pixel device

Reinstall Google App 

When you notice that Weather disappeared from Pixel, it’s wise to consider reinstalling the Google app. Weather is a part of the “At a glance” widget of Google. Therefore, if the Weather widget is nowhere in sight, reinstalling the Google app might bring it back. Remember, it is impossible to get rid of the Google app. Instead, you will likely uninstall any recent updates then reset the app to its default version. Here is how to go about reinstalling the Google app:

  • Step 1.Go to Settings
  • Step 2.Open Apps and notifications
  • Step 3.Select All apps
  • Step 4.Open Google
  • Step 5.Go to the 3-dot menu, then click on uninstall updates
  • Step 6.Finally, restart the device to update the Google app

 Opt Into Google’s Beta Program

After Weather disappeared from Pixel, many people claimed that joining Google app’s beta program would get it to show up again. Follow this procedure to opt into the program:

  • Step 1.Go to the Play Store app, then navigate to the search box at the top.
  • Step 2.Type “Google” within the search box and wait for results to show.
  • Step 3.After the results load up, click on the Google app listing, which should open from this screen.
  • Step 4.When it opens, locate the ‘Join the beta’ section and click on the ‘Join’ option to confirm your enrollment in the beta program.
  • Step 5. The message ‘You’re a beta tester’ should come up within the Google app page if you have done it correctly. 
  • Step 6.It will take a little while – usually a few minutes – for any changes to reflect, but the ‘Update’ option will show up on the Google app screen of your Play Store.
  • Step 7. If the ‘update’ option appears, it implies that you can access the latest beta 
  • Step 8.Tap on ‘update’ to get the most recent Google app beta version 

Determine If The Permissions Are Granted 

Certain specific permissions will allow your Pixel device to display the Weather widget without a glitch. Therefore, navigate to the Settings > Apps > Google > Grant permissions to Google

Take A Look At The Widget 

The “At a glance” widget uses a default launcher that permanently displays all Pixel phones on the home screen. Nonetheless, you can change aspects of the “At a glance” widget through the Home Screen Settings. Here, you can disable or enable the Weather as well. Needless to say, you need to check if Weather is enabled or disabled.

  • Step 1.Tap and hold the “At a glance” widget to access the Home Screen Settings
  • Step 2.Click on Preferences, then enable the weather
  • Step 3.Try adding another widget to the Home Screen if the weather feature does not show

Install A New Launcher

Installing a new launcher will also help with the “Weather disappeared from Pixel” problem. There are numerous Android launchers you can get from the Play Store. Download one you like, then set the Clock and Weather widget to your home screen. Put in mind that you can manipulate stock widgets on your home screen with the help of third-party launchers. You still need the “At a glance” widget for Pixel devices, even utilizing a third-party launcher.

Add Another Widget

If Weather vanishes, it can be replaced by adding another widget.

  • Step 1.Press then hold the home screen till the widget option comes up
  • Step 2.Tap the widget options box and select the weather widget
  • Step 3.After selecting the weather widget, add it to the home screen
  • Step 4.Once the new weather widget shows up, delete the previous one


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Can you change the weather on Google Pixels?

Indeed you can change the weather on Google Pixels. Long press on Home screen > Home settings > At a glance settings> Enable the weather toggle. 

What weather app does Pixel use?

Pixel uses the Google app 12.20 weather app. It is incorporated in the beta channel. You can launch weather via the Pixel Launch At a Glance widget.

Can you remove the Weather widget from Google Pixels?

Yes. You simply have to long-press the widget, drag it to the top of the screen then drop it on the “Remove” option. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Don’t download third-party apps unless you know for certain what they can do
  • You must check up on the phone’s system from time to time to make sure that it’s up to date.

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