SOLVED! Teams Calls Going Straight to Voicemail

In June 2021, Microsoft 365 undertook some changes that affected Microsoft Teams. One of the results was Microsoft Teams’ calls going straight to voicemail. After a flood of complaints, Microsoft rolled back the changes which should have solved the problem but several Microsoft Teams users still encounter this issue. Take a look at this article if you want to learn more about the redirection of calls and how to put an end to that.

Microsoft Teams Redirecting Calls To Voicemail: Summary 

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Changes to Microsoft Teams settings tend to be the leading cause of Teams calls going straight to voicemail. Another reason is Skype for Business missing CNAME- and SRV-entries in certain domains. Skype For Business Online received an update around mid-2021. Users of old accounts may have trouble making use of Microsoft Teams. As a result, calls from certain users may not be received but instead sent to voicemail direct.  

How To Stop Microsoft Teams From Redirecting Calls To Voicemail

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Log Out And Log Back In 

  • Step 1: Click on your Microsoft Teams “profile picture”. Select the “Sign out” option. Then restart your PC.
  • Step 2: Use the exact account details to sign in. You will enter your email address in the “Sign-in address” space. Select “Sign in”. Enter your password, then select “Sign in”.

Disable Voicemail 

If you still have the issue of Teams calls going straight to voicemail, try disabling the voicemail in Teams. This can be done in two ways. Check them below.

  • Step 1: As you add a new user, you are given an option to “disable Voicemail in Teams”. If you want to disable the voicemail, check the box below that prompt.
  • Step 2:  On the user level, you can disable voicemail by clicking on your Profile image in the Microsoft Teams account. Select “Settings”. Go to “Calls”. Select the drop-down menu in front of “If unanswered”. Select “do nothing”.

Take A Look At Settings

If the above tricks fail to work, you can check the Microsoft call settings and Set “Calls ring me”. This can be done on the call rules. Then check the Microsoft Teams admin settings and make changes if necessary. This is how.

  • Step 1: Select “Settings”. From the list of settings options, check at the bottom. You will see “Calls”. Select it. You will see the “Call answering rules” on the calls window. This option allows you to choose how to handle your Microsoft Teams’ incoming calls. uncheck “Forward my calls” if checked. Check the option “Calls ring me”.
  • Step 2: Go to Microsoft 365 admin center. Select “Sign in”. Use your admin account to sign in. Scroll down to “Admin Centers” section on the column on the left. Then select “Teams”. If you have a separate Microsoft Teams account from Microsoft 365, you can directly access the Microsoft 365 admin center by signing in using the account.
  • Step 3: After you have access to Microsoft Teams admin center, go to calls and enable the following settings. “Call forwarding and simultaneous ringing to people in your organization”, and “Call forwarding and simultaneous ringing to external phone numbers”.


You can stop all your calls from getting redirected to voicemail by creating a custom calling policy. This is how


  • Step 1: Access Microsoft Teams admin center from your PC. Navigate to “Voice”. Select “Calling policies”. Then click “Add”.
  • Step 2: Check the features suitable for your usage in calling policy. On the option to routing calls to voicemail, select “Disable”. Then click “Save”.

Reconfigure Skype For Business

You still notice Teams calls going to voicemail a few days after using the above method? Then it’s time to tweak Skype for business Address this issue by Activating “Skype for Business” to find the missing domain entries. Then set “Coexistence mode” to “Teams only”. This is how.

Activating Skype For Business

  • Step 1: Go to Microsoft 365 admin center and sign in.
  • Step 2: Select “Settings”. Look for “Domains” and select the appropriate domain. Go to “DNS records”. Select Manage DNS and click ‘Continue”. From the options, choose “Advanced Options. Finally, select Activate “Skype for Business”.

Set “Coexistence Mode” To “Teams Only” 

For everyone: 

  • Step 1: Navigate to “Teams Admin Center”. Once on the page, select “Users”. Select the users having the issue.
  • Step 2: Select “Edit Settings”. Scroll to the bottom of the window on the right side of your screen. Ensure the box under coexistence mode has “Teams only”. After that, click “Apply”. The changes may take a few hours before they apply.

For individual:

  • Step 1: Navigate to Microsoft Teams admin center. Check the column on the left and select “Users”. From the list that appears, select the user with the issue of calls going straight to voicemail.
  • Step 2: On the user’s Account tab, check for “Teams upgrade”, then click “Edit”. Now you can set the Coexistence mode to “Teams only”. Toggle off “Migrate this user’s meetings to Teams”. Then click “Apply” to save the changes. You may need to wait for a few hours before the changes apply.

Note: If you have trouble setting Coexistence Mode via Team, it’s suggested that you use Powershell. 

  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to access Skype for Business module. Then for the entire users, enter the following command: “Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -PolicyName UpgradeToTeams”
  • Step 2: Press Enter and all your users’ accounts will be set to “Teams only”.
  • Step 3: If your calls are going to voicemail on some accounts, you can use the following command: “Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -PolicyName UpgradeToTeams -Identity”

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I sign out of Microsoft Teams?

Signing out and back to Microsoft Teams seems to fix some bugs. However, this might cause a number of inconveniences. For instance, once you sign out of your account, every information associated with your account is also removed.

Can I call Microsoft Teams user from Skype?

Yes. However, you need to have a Skype app of version 8.58 or above. From the Skype end, just go to “People, groups & messages” and search for Microsoft Teams user using their email. From the Microsoft end, go to “Microsoft Teams admin center”. Select “Org-wide settings, then click External access. Remember to turn on “Users can communicate with Skype users” before searching for their email.

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