SOLVED! Spacebar Not Working In Gmail

While drafting mails on Gmail , Spacebar is one of the keys that people use frequently. All in all, Gmail users can never enter more than two separate words in their mails without hitting Spacebar at least once. Because of that, few things prove as disrupting during the drafting of mails as Spacebar not working in Gmail. On the bright side, fixes exist and this article could tell you everything about them. 

Spacebar Not Working In Gmail: What Must Be Done  

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You might feel frustrated if you have a hard time using Spacebar. Thankfully, there are a few things you could try to regain the use of Spacebar. 

Think About The Keyboard Driver

To put it plainly, the keyboard driver is the software that helps computers communicate with beyboards. Hence, once it comes to Spacebar not working in Gmail, the keyboard driver is the number one suspect. 

To get rid of this problem below is a procedure that might suit you well;

  • Open Device Manager and navigate to keyboard driver.
  • Right-click the driver and select uninstall the driver.
  • Once done, reboot your computer and let Windows reinstall the keyboard driver.

Do not lose hope if this method fails and Windows don’t install new drivers. You can choose to download a driver pack that comes with all the necessary drivers on your own. There are many driver packs you can choose to download. Once downloaded and installed, run the driver right away and see whether Spacebar is working. 

Note: In some instances, you need to revert to the previously installed driver version if your Spacebar fails to work. On occasions, keyboard driver updates might come into conflict with the system and mess up the functions of some keys. 


  • First, access the quick-access menu by pressing the Windows key and X together.
  • Navigate to Device Manager and select keyboards.
  • Right-click on keyboards and choose properties.
  • Select the driver pane and choose Rollback driver.

Switch To Another Web Browser 

If your issue with Spacebar in Gmail persists, you might need to consider accessing Gmail on a different web browser. On some occasions, some Google services such as Gmail might develop loops and glitches on a certain browser. That results in a wide range of issues including unresponsive Spacebar. For instance, if you are using Chrome, the best option is to try out another browser like Opera, Firefox and so on. 

Disable Sticky Keys 

The Sticky Keys feature might be another probable reason for Spacebar not working in Gmail . The feature eliminates the need to hold multiple keys at the same time which eases the use of key combinations. Still, when enabled, Sticky Keys could interfere with the cooperation of other keys and Spacebar is not an exception. 

  • Navigate to the Ease of access on settings by pressing windows key+I together.
  • Then select the keyboard on the left side
  • Find the sticky keys enabling toggle and disable it.

Use Keyboard Troubleshooter

Your computer run on the latest Windows OS? If your answer is yes, it’s a good idea to make use of Keyboard Troubleshooter? You can  run a keyboard troubleshooter every time you come across glitches with your keyboard. In the case that you notice Spacebar not working in Gmail, you must think about using Keyboard Troubleshooter.

  • First, access windows settings by pressing windows key + I together.
  • Proceed by accessing the System category.
  • Click on troubleshoot settings.
  • Select Other troubleshooters.
  • Scroll down to find the Other section.
  • Press Run.


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Is there a shortcut for Spacebar?

Yes, there is a unique combination to get a shortcut for Spacebar. Press Alt+32 and release.

Who needs to use Sticky Keys?

Sticky keys is a Window feature that enables users to use keyboard combinations by pressing keys in succession instead of holding keys simultaneously. Sticky Key is popular among those with health conditions that prevent them from holding many keys at times 

How could I update the keyboard driver?

First thing first: head to the website that hosts keyboard drivers. Next, search for the keyboard driver that matches your computer. Afterward, download and install the driver. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Try setting the keyboard settings to default. This might change any temporary settings that have tampered with some key functionality.
  • Accessing Gmail  via another browser can work as well. Perhaps Gmail  may be the cause behind Spacebar not working since it is not compatible with the browser.
  • 3.Routine check up on the condition of keys on your keyboard will work best for you. A check on the state in which some keys are will help avoid future inconveniences.

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