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Every Smartphone brand comes with minor issues in either design or functionality and Google Pixel phones are not exceptional. Ever since the inception of Google Pixel, there have been complaints about the repeat message notification. The notification alert comes in the form of multiple recurring sounds which prove annoying by all accounts. However, it’s worth pointing out that repeat message notification Android is a fixable issue. 

Repeat Message Notification Android: The Usual Suspects 

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Wireless Emergency Alerts

The top reason why your Pixel phone may be making repeated notification tones could be attributed to wireless emergency alerts. 

NFC-Supported Devices

Whenever your phone is close to NFC-supported objects like credit cards, it will be prompted to let out repeat notifications. 

Unstable Connection 

Your Pixel phone might produce notification sounds whenever you connect it to and remove it from the charger. The same will happen if you create/sever the link between your phone and other devices. In any case, your phone might produce recurring notification alerts when the connection is unstable. 


When your Pixel device detects a Bluetooth signal, it gives out a notification alert to remind you that there is a pairing opportunity. 

How To Fix Repeat Message Notification Android

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Check Out The Notification Log

Before you change or correct anything on your Pixel phone, your first solution to the repeat message notification is to check the notification log. The notification log will show you whether there are unread or snoozed messages. To get to the notification log:

  • Step 1. You will have to press and hold a spot on the home screen of your Pixel device. 
  • Step 2. Open Widgets > Settings shortcut > Notification log
  • Step 3. Next, keep an eye on the shortcut widget and observe if there is any reaction whenever your device rings. This will help you to identify if the app is the reason for the repeat message notification Android.

Reset The App Preferences

Other than keeping tabs on the notification log, you can also try to reset the app preferences. For some reason you might have opted to get a double notification message. Fortunately, you can change that to ensure that your phone only sounds a single notification for every message. To do this:

  • Step 1. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps 
  • Step 2. After that, choose the three-dot menu located on the top and click on the “Reset app preferences” choice. 

Inspect The USB port 

You should consider tidying up your USB port if your device sounds a notification tone similar to that of charging alerts. Dirt and other foreign agents tamper with the USB port affecting its functionality. Consequently, your phone might start to detect a charging cable even when you have not connected one. 

Scan The Vicinity For Devices 

Another reason why your Pixel device might make repeat message notifications could be because of a connected printer device. If you happen to connect the phone to a wireless printer, it will produce a notification alert. Follow the procedure below to fix the issue:

  • Step 1. Go to Settings > Connected devices > Connection Preferences > Printing services 
  • Step 2. Once you have accessed the printing services section, you need to alter the settings of the default print service to ‘off’

Note: Your device will constantly issue a notification alert in the event that it is constantly trying to connect to a Bluetooth device. Pixel phones are designed to automatically alert you when there is a Bluetooth device within reach. 

Therefore, whenever their phone has detected another Bluetooth device or a device it had previously connected to falls out of range then it will produce the repeat message notification. You have the option of either connecting to the Bluetooth device or turning off your device’s Bluetooth to avoid the recurring notification tone.  

Take NFC Into Account 

Another explanation for recurring notification alerts is proximity to NFC-supported devices. NFC-supported objects like credit cards are known to trigger the repeat notification tone. The best option out of such a scenario is to turn off the NFC. The alert will cease completely. To turn it off go to Setting > Connected Devices > NFC.

Turn Off Wireless Emergency Alerts

The top reason why your Pixel phone may be making repeated notification tones could be attributed to wireless emergency alerts. Pixel phones are engineered to receive reminders for wireless emergencies after every 2 minutes. Some people find this perplexing or perceive it as a problem within their device. 

To correct the problem, go to Settings then search “Wireless emergency alerts”. Proceed to the very bottom of the dialog box and change it to “never” to mute the alerts. 

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How do I stop push notifications on my phone?

Push notifications are notifications you get from an application when it is not in use. Such notifications keep you -up-to-date about what happens in the applications. However, they get annoying at times. Here is how to turn them off;

  • Step 1. Press on Settings.
  • Step 2. Scroll down to the file manager and select Apps.
  • Step 3. Choose the desired App.
  • Step 4. Uncheck the “Show notifications toggle.

What must be done to silence my phone at night?

Most users do not like being disrupted by notifications in the middle of the night. Here is how you can block notifications from beeping through the night.

  • Step 1. Open Device settings app.
  • Step 2. Press the sound tap and select Do not disturb tab.
  • Step 3. Now set the rules to Automatic rules.
  • Step 4: Set the desired time for notification blocking.

Tips And Tricks

  • Always remember to apply the snooze button. Snooze button will literally “kill” incoming notifications for the set time.
  • A repeat message notification could result from internal corruption within the messaging app. To get rid of that, just clear off the cache from the messaging app and restart the phone.
  • If you notice you are receiving repeated notifications, just disable them as they come. Swipe to the right on the notification bar and they will be gone.


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