SOLVED! How To Empty Trash On Pixel 2

If you love taking pictures, you may at times take too many of them with your Pixel 2 which fills up the Google Photos app. Eventually, you must delete some of them but you should know that when you delete photos from your Google Photos account, they don’t actually get deleted. Deleted photos simply into the trash bin and to get rid of such photos for good, it’s necessary to empty the trash bin. If you want to know how to empty trash on Pixel 2, you have come to the right place. 

Why You May Need To Empty The Trash Bin In Google Photos

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To Free Up Space

The main reason for this action is because you want to clear photos that are taking up space in your Google Photos account. We take a lot of photos every day, and if we aren’t careful in managing them, we will start to waste space on our Google Pixel 2. In order to free up some room for other files, it may be wise to learn how to empty trash on Pixel 2.

To Boost The App’s Speed

Sometimes the Photos app may go slow when there is very little space left in its storage. You won’t have a good experience while viewing your photos as they will take longer to load. You need to empty your trash bin of deleted photos from time to time to keep your Photos app up to speed.

How To Empty Trash On Pixel 2: Compilation 

Deleting All Items In Trash

  • Step 1: Open your Google Photos app, and tap on the three-line menu button at the top left of your screen.
  • Step 2. Click on “Trash.”
  • Step 3. Click on the three-line menu button then select empty trash.
  • Step 4. Confirm that you want to delete the items. .

Note: Whatever pictures or videos that you delete from your phone will stay in Trash for sixty days before they get deleted automatically. Keep in mind that if you delete something from this folder, it won’t be available again so be careful. 

Deleting Only Specific Items

If you want to delete only some of the photos in trash, follow steps 1 and 2 above then click on “select” beside the menu button. You can then highlight all of the photos you want to remove and select delete permanently. You have now freed some space for more cool photos!

A Guide On Restoring Photos From Trash

Restoring All Deleted Photos

Sometimes you might regret deleting a photo from your Google Photos account. Let’s say you accidentally press on delete, and the picture goes straight to the trash bin so it cannot be viewed anymore. You can restore deleted photos in the trash by following the steps below.

  • Step 1. Open your Google Photos app, tap on the three-line menu button at the top left of your screen then click “Trash.”
  • Step 2. Click on select beside the empty all trash button, then select “all” in this option to restore all deleted photos in trash to their original place even if they are stored among different albums.

Restoring Specific Photos

If what you want is only one specific photo that was previously deleted and emptied into trash, follow step 1 then step 2 before you click on “select.” You can then highlight the items you wish to restore, click on the three-line menu button, and choose to restore.


To check if all photos were restored successfully, head over to the Albums section in Photos and switch between them. If everything was restored, you will see all of your missing pictures and videos there just like before.

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Tips And Tricks

  • Create different albums to store related photos under one category
  • Use Google Photos’ search function that automatically detects and categorizes photos
  • Edit photos more effectively using editing tools
  • You can also use the app’s “Backup and sync” feature to automatically backup photos from other apps on Google Photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where else can I find my deleted Google Photos?

A: Photos you have already deleted may not appear any longer in Photos but they are still stored somewhere else. What you see is just a pointer. The picture can still be found in your Google Drive storage so it’s highly possible to restore deleted photos from there if they are stored under the same account as well.

Q: What are Google Photos’ best features?

A: One of its best features is the automatic photo backup. It will help you save space inside your phone and keep photos inaccessible to anyone who isn’t allowed to access them. Another best feature is the search function that can detect photos without any description or tags.

Q: How do I stop Google Photos from backing up my photos?

A: You can easily turn off automatic backup by clicking on the three-line menu button beside the photo library, then uncheck “backup & sync.”

Q: Why are some of my photos not appearing on Google Photos?

A: Photos you have marked as private or that are hidden will not be included in your search results. Google Photos also excludes photos taken in burst mode, video snippets, burst photo items, and panoramas.

Q: How do I remove Google Photos from my phone without deleting my pictures?

A: You can uninstall it like you would uninstall any other apps. However, this will not affect your pictures stored in Google Photos. All your photos will be retained even if you have stopped using the app.

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