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Google Pixel is a global brand that needs no introduction. In the industry nowadays, Google Pixel is one of the few names that consistently walks the talk which explains its good reputation among phone owners. However, Google Pixel still leaves something to be desired and many complaints share the same topic: “Google Pixel no sound”. Poor sound to absolutely no sound stops people from getting the most out of their Google Pixel.

What With Google Pixel Having No Sound?

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We all dream of using seamless and perfect phones that meet and suit all our needs. The Google Pixel does precisely that but misses just one factor: Sound. Most models of the Google Pixel have been reported to exhibit this abnormal issue where the phones produce little to no sound at all. This happens when one makes a call where the listener can’t hear the caller and vice versa. 

It can also happen with no audio or alert and notification sounds. This problem cannot just be out of the blue. There are reasons behind that, and there must be solutions to every problem.

Speaker And Earpiece/Mouthpiece Malfunctions

Both earpieces and mouthpieces are two vital components in any communication device since they make proper conversation possible from one party to another. Once there is any malfunction to these parts, you are destined to experience the “Google Pixel no sound” problem with your Google Pixel. Just a disclaimer, malfunction of these two parts are usually all around the table and not just a Google Pixel problem. Many reasons can cause a malfunction to these parts. They include;

  • A hard drop.
  • Drowning.
  • Dirt and or debris
  • Internal hardware malfunction.

Software/Application Glitches

This could be another possible reason you might be experiencing no sound on your Google Pixel smartphone. A glitch or bug could be the reason behind the no sound problem and comes in once your phone’s system falls prey to bugs. Once these frustrating errors attach to a phone’s system, you will experience a muffled sound output.

Best Approaches To The Situation

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Those who have suffered from the sound problem all want to fix it fast. Man is to error, but still, these errors could be fixable. In this case, there are possible solutions that can get rid of the problem when applied right. If you have been troubled a lot, then here are excellent tips you need to try out. 

Reboot To Safe Mode 

Two Google Pixel models tend to develop sound problems: Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Specifically, these two models do not sound ringtones and notifications. We all need to be alerted and reminded by our phones, and one way of doing so is through phone alerts and ringings. 

To diagnose your Google Pixel and probably eliminate the “Google Pixel no sound” issue, a reboot to safe mode is needed; here are the instructions;

  • Press and hold on to the power button until the power off prompt is displayed.
  • Hold on power off until the “reboot to safe mode” prompt appears.
  • Press okay to reboot to safe mode.
  • Once in safe mode, go to Settings > Sound, and vibration > Phone ringtone and vibrations and choose an option.
  • Restart your phone to exit safe mode.

Clean Off Dirt And Debris

Dirt and debris are among the main reasons behind the Google Pixel no sound problem, but guys undermine them a lot. You might be wondering why your Google Pixel is mute yet it is only a matter of cleaning the phone. You can clear dirt and debris off the sound output hardware by using compressed air to blow off the dirt. Scraping off the debris using an old toothbrush might work as well. Remember, you need to be gentle and careful so as not to damage the hardware.

Replace Hardware 

This method comes as the last resort once you have a problem that is no longer solvable. If your audio output is entirely unrepairable, you can opt to get the hardware replaced with new working ones. Ear and mouthpiece and the phone speakers reach a point when they degrade in quality and start producing distorted and muffled sound. This is the opportunity to get a replacement before everything goes silent for good and avoid further inconveniences.

Take A Look At App Sound Settings

Your Google Pixel might be experiencing a “Google Pixel no sound” issue only because your application’s sound settings have been changed or so. Some applications have an integrated sound setting that works separately from the phone’s main speaker. For instance, music streaming apps and social media apps have mute options and other sound settings that you need to check with.

Disable “Do Not disturb”

You cannot miss what this feature does on the phone just by name. If you do not want to get any alerts and notifications on your phone, enabling this feature will provide you with peace of mind. Your Google Pixel might not be having a sound malfunction. You only need to turn off “Do not disturb” to disable it.

Reset The Phone To Factory Default

You might consider resetting your phone’s settings to factory default. Doing so will revert any changes that applications or settings have applied to the sound performance of your device. A reset to factory default means that you would lose all your data though so backup your data beforehand . You can do a reset by;

  • Open Settings and tap on the system.
  • Reset options > Erase all data.
  • Enter your phone’s pin > Erase all Data then Restart your phone.

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How could I mute and unmute during a call?

You can do so by first turning the speakerphone on. Then follow by tapping the speaker off again. Tap mute to mute a call.

What does distorted sound imply?

When you play music, make a call or get alerts that sound distorted and slant then your phone’s speakers have very little time till they die. You need to act fast and get them fixed or replaced. That’s a warning; things ahead may get worse.

Tips And Tricks

1.If you experience sound issues when connected to external/third party gadgets, a crosscheck will work best to ensure that all connections are set and configured.

2.Once you notice your Google Pixel has no sound, the immediate action is to try and increase your phone volume by pressing the volume buttons.

2.Regular phone cleaning will help eliminate any stuck dirt and debris in the sound hardware and keep your Google Pixel in tip-top shape.

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