SOLVED! Convert Disc To Digital Xbox One

Once it comes to Xbox One, there are various reasons why people stick to digital instead of using physical discs. For instance, if you opt for digital, you don’t need to carry discs around but still can experience a wide range of content. However, what if you currently own a physical disc and want to convert disc to digital Xbox One?

Is It Possible To Convert Game Discs To Digital On Xbox One?

The short answer is no, you cannot convert game discs to digital on Xbox One. The reason is that when you insert a disc into your console, it registers its license with your console. Hence, whenever you want to play the game, you have to insert its disc. If you don’t want to deal with discs, you must buy the digital version of the games.

Converting Other Discs To Digital On Xbox One: Insights 

As mentioned above, you cannot convert game discs to digital on Xbox One. Still, it’s possible to convert other discs to digital and play the content on Xbox One.


Xbox One console is capable of playing MP4, MOV, AVI, and other video codecs. By taking advantage of that, you could watch all sorts of content if you link the right files with the right formats to Xbox One.

The conversion won’t take up too much of your time and you could choose from a lot of tools to help you with it. In terms of convenience, we believe that DVD Ripper is one of the best choices nowadays. Versatile and flexible, DVD Ripper could handle a multitude of disk formats. In addition, DVD Ripper is going to preserve the resolution as it converts discs to digital


  • Step 1: you need to download DVD Ripper to your computer then extract and install it
  • Step 2: When the setup process concludes, begin your conversion by inserting the disc into the slot.
  • Step 3: Launch DVD Ripper to let the tool detect the disc and its content.
  • Step 4: Choose the format you like from the available export formats In the “Account” bar. Feel free to change video properties like frame rate, data rate, etc if you like.
  • Step 5: Select the folder to store the exported file. Afterward, click “Convert”

After the conversion wrap, you should be able to find the exported file in the folder you selected earlier. Copy to a USB, attach the USB to Xbox One and play the content to your heart’s desire


Disc Vs. Discless Xbox: Which One Is Superior?

Different gamers have different tastes so the community is at odds once it comes to disc vs. discless Xbox. However, if you cannot make up your mind on what to buy, take a look at the following factors.


In this respect, disc and discless consoles do not have too many points to compare. They all support Full HD quality graphics with the frame rate reaching 60 FPS. However, you should keep in mind that the most recent discless consoles will be able to display 4K images at the same frame rate as when presenting Full HD images. Meanwhile, older disc models can only play 1080P content.

CPU And Memory

The difference between the two generations is again in the CPU and memory. Xbox One X has eight cores, running at 2.3GHz. Meanwhile, Xbox One S also has the same cores but only reaches 1.75GHz. In terms of RAM, One X is also far superior when owning 12GB of RAM, a processing speed of 326GB/s. Meanwhile, the digital version has only 8GB of RAM and 219 GB/s bandwidth.


Here, you will see the difference between the two versions of Xbox One. In theory, all compatible games should work on any device, regardless of the series. Nonetheless, with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, you won’t be able to use the disc. Because this special edition does not have a drive, it will only be compatible with digital games.


Because of the lack of a DVD drive, the Xbox One S All-Digital version cannot play discs. Meanwhile, regular disc consoles can still play all sorts of discs with relative ease. In short, with the All-Digital Edition, you won’t be able to use any of your discs. In return, this model is a more budget-friendly option. Meanwhile, regular disc consoles still pack the powerful and impressive graphics that you are always looking for.


What happens if you put an Xbox disc in a PS4?

Nothing happens when you put the disc inside the PSS4 console. The reason is that the PS4 does not support Xbox discs and vice versa.

Is it possible to play Xbox games offline?

That depends on the games you play. A number of games don’t require network connection while others only run if your console is connected to the Internet.

Can you add a disk drive to Xbox Series S?

Sadly, you can’t add a drive to the Series S. This feature is only available with the Xbox Series X generation – the console model with a Blu-ray drive and, of course, comes at a significantly higher price.


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