SOLVED! Charger Won’t Stay In Phone

A charger that is always falling out? This can be very annoying. Many people have experienced this problem with their chargers at some point. In this post we will explain why your charger won’t stay in phone and what you can do about the issue. We will also give tips and tricks for avoiding this problem in future.

Why Your Charger Won’t Stay In Phone

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  • The blades of your USB charger have a bigger width than the phone’s charging port resulting in it wiggling back and forth as you try to plug it in.
  • The Micro USB Port is not lined up properly.
  • There may be dust or debris in the port and phone charger connection.
  • You are using the wrong type of charger with your phone.
  • Wear and tear on the shape of the connector from use as time goes by.
  • Low friction if the materials used for connectors are smooth all around

What To Do

Switch To Other Cables

If the charge cable is deformed in any way (from aging or prolonged use) then there’s a good chance that the charger won’t stay in phone. Hence, if your charger falls out easily when you try to connect it to your device, you should take cable into account. It may be time for an upgrade. You can always try buying a USB cable with magnetic connectors. 

Cables that incorporate magnetic connectors usually snap into place and stay in place no matter how much they’re wiggled or moved about (which is why they tend to be very expensive). However, if it does shock you then we recommend getting rid of it immediately and going back to using original cables/chargers.

Apply Pressure

You can also try gently pushing down on the blades with your fingers. This will ensure that they are firmly held into place and won’t fall out when you attach it to your phone (and thus the charging could proceed smoothly).

Place The Phone On A Flat Surface

When charging, some chargers work better if your phone is kept flat against some surface like a desk or window sill. As long as you don’t apply too much force, this solution should help keep the blade properly connected to your device (and thus charge).

Wrap Electrical Tape Around The Blade

If none of these solutions seem to be working for you then you can always try wrapping electrical tape (or the like) around the blade. This will ensure that there is proper contact with your device’s charging port and you should be able to charge without any problems.


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Tips And Tricks

  • Don’t pull the cables and try to unplug them with force
  • Avoid bending/damaging your cables as this will make them loose over time
  • Try to buy original cables/chargers for a longer-lasting experience
  • Buy cables/chargers with magnetic connectors if possible
  • Use some form of electrical tape to keep the blade in place for a while

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my phone disconnect from the charger at random times?

A: If your phone keeps disconnecting from charge at random times, there might be an issue with it not having a tight connection to your phone. We recommend trying out different cables/chargers as this can fix 99% of all issues when it comes to chargers. Also, make sure that you’re using original chargers and cables (and not some third-party knock-off) as this will guarantee better service over time (which makes them worth the money).

Q: Why is my phone heating up when using a charger?

A:  There are many possible causes of excessive heating while charging. The most likely cause is that your phone isn’t properly grounded when being charged or that there’s some sort of blockage in the charging port. Other reasons for this might be heat-related issues with the battery itself (or internal components) but this will require some sort of physical inspection on your part.

Q: What should I do if my charger doesn’t fit into my phone?

A: This is a pretty common issue and the first thing we recommend trying is to check if there’s any dust or other blockage in your charging port. If this doesn’t resolve your problem then you can always try cleaning out the blade of your USB cable (should there be any). If none of these work then we would suggest that you go see an expert as this means that something might be wrong with either your charging port, USB cables, or both.

Q: Do I have to replacr my charger if it doesn’t work most of the time?

A:  If you’re having issues with your charger staying connected, it might be the result of dirt/dust in the charging port. Try cleaning it out to ensure that there’s a secure connection to your device.

Q: Why does my phone show “plugged in” but not charging?

A:  This issue isn’t isolated to third-party chargers and cables, but can appear on original ones as well. Depending on the device, it may take a few tries for your phone to recognize that it’s charging. If you notice this problem within the first minute or so of starting to charge your device, try restarting it to make sure that your phone recognizes the connection.

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