Why I Tried to Stop Watching WWDC

I love Apple's stuff and I love what they do. They come up with some great software, but each year it's just getting more and more dissapointing, but not because their software is getting worse. When OS X first came out it was innovative. Linux was extremely hard to use and get things like Exposé working. Times have changed though and for Apple to be a "leader" they need to step things up.

For example, some headlining features of Lion were full screen apps and resizeable windows from anywhere. Let me remind you, these are headlining features. In Snow Leopard there was really only one headlining feature which was 64bit support. This is great, but Windows and Linux have been on 64 for how long? Full screen apps and resizing? As a Twitter friend said "what the hell, did we all forget Windows 3.0?". Over the air sync and split keyboard like in Windows Phones/Zune. This wouldn't be that big of a deal to me, but Jobs bashes M$ for stealing from them and being behind them in technology. Hilarious.

The gestures are indeed cool, and so are some of the other minor features that rock, but my biggest annoyance of all is ripping off of developers. Another Twitter friend, @samhowat said

When it cuts close to someone's business, everyone suddenly forgets what capitalism is.

Sam Howat

I would expect this from people like Microsoft, and I wouldn't even say anything, but this is coming from a guy who talks about how much he loves his indie developers. He proclaims iOS' popularity is because of them and uses their icons and screen shots in commercials. All fine and dandy, but then they turn around and rip them off.

Instapaper, Sparrow, Dropbox, and more were all victims to this, and what irks me is Apple fanboys just throw up their hands saying things like So, in your world, Apple can never build functionality similar to what devs are doing, or they're evil?. It's not evil, but they shouldn't be proclaiming the success on their OSs because of the developers. It's being a hypocrital. Then, on top of that, the fanboys really, really, don't think Apple could have done anything and totally miss the fact Apple integrated Twitter in their OS. Why couldn't they have done this with Instapaper, Dropbox, or anything else? Why does Apple, who loves their developers, need to steal from them? Why couldn't they buy one of the companies they just copied from and be a good citizen. Google does this with a lot of their applications. Buys a company doing something they want to do, and builds on top of that. It's pennies to them, but makes the indie devs rich and they release most of the code usually as open source or open it with APIs. That's being a good citizen.

I won't even get into the stats about iOS and just straight up lies about market share, nor will I go into how he exagarrates to a level unprecendented by any CEO I know of like the "day you'll never forget" which ended up being that they had The Beatles on iTunes or the retina display faked screenshots and false research on eye sight and pixels. I'll stop... I get you need to sell your product, but the retina display is awesome, why try to lie about it?

What happened to you Apple? I miss the old "holy shit, now that's never been done before" feeling I got from watching your stuff.