Online Privacy is a Myth

I think people need a reality check here. It's nearly 2012 and people still believe when they log into the interwebz they have "privacy". Reality check morons, you don't. Someone in the engineering field needs to set the record straight because all of this talk form lawyers and spokespeople about Carrier IQ software tracking your location and your key presses is plain stupidity. Plus, finger pointing about "if it were Apple..." then come to find out, they do. You've got to be kidding me.

Let's get real here people. First off, when you login to let's say, Facebook, then you browse to another site, that other site can get Facebook information about you, like your name. Google Analytics is used everywhere and it's also tracking your from site to site recording all of your history. They sell this information to advertisers. Haven't you noticed that when you go to, for example, you might end up with a bunch of ads for Gap apparel on more and more sites? You entered in your email somewhere on my site? I can easily crawl sites like Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter for your full name, age, where you work, etc. When you're online you have no privacy, so either stop using it or shut the fuck up about it.

Privacy won't get better because tracking you is easier and easier for us engineers. If you're not an engineer, just how easy is it for us? Right now I know how long you've been viewing my site, what you're using to view my site, I could use Facebook's API to find out who you are and even put a name and picture of you on these stats. I can find out how many times you've come here, and if you use the mouse or keyboard more. I can find out what country, state, city, maybe even exact location of where you're at. Half of this is already setup, the other half might take me a weekend, and you damn well better expect other places to be doing this to you already, like Google and Facebook.

Privacy is important for sure. But to go onto your cell phone and expect privacy is flat out fucking dumb. Cell phones are tracking your location for all sorts of reasons that aren't malicious even. I'm tracking how you use my site to make it better, and Google wants to show you ads you actually care about. Most of the time when we're tracking you it's not malicious at all. We honestly want to make technology better for you, but this isn't going to happen when you expect total privacy when connecting to the internet and wear tinfoil on your head.

Rule of thumb, if you don't want someone to read or know something about you, don't post it, and don't search for it, ever. You're always being watched. Now can we all shut up about this ridiculous Carrier IQ news?