New File in Right Click Context Menu for Mac

I've been searching for weeks how to get right click -> New File just like in Windows or most Linux distros. Mac has a New Folder option, but no New File and when I mention it on Twitter many other people were also interested in this feature. Well, after weeks of research, I decided to go with AppleScript and I wrote an Automator Worflow Service.

Install is pretty simple.

  1. Download it here or got to the Github page at
  2. Double click on the "New File.workflow", and wait for Automator to open
  3. After Automator pops up simply press cmd+s and save it as "New File" and hit enter

That should be it. Now right click on any random folder and you should now see "New File" at the bottom of your right click context menu like this:

If you have a lot of Services already it'll be in the fly-out menu like this:

It's open source and under the MIT License and on Github at See the issue tracker and if you know AppleScript fork and send me a pull request! I'm a complete n00b at AppleScript so any help is greatly appreciated! A native cocoa app would be awesome as well.