Hey Mozilla, discrimination is sort of a big deal

As we found out yesterday Brendan Eich donated $1,000 to support discrimination against gays. More people than I would have ever guessed in our own community didn't see the big deal and don't see how Mozilla is in any way connected or responsible even with the fact he's a part owner. This is where I lose all faith in humanity and all the great strides in human equality over the past 100 years.

No matter who it is, no organization should allow employees to discriminate against other employees. Donating money to help fund discrimination is wrong and employees, board members, donators, and others shouldn't put up with discrimination against it's own employees. This isn't the fuckin' '50s anymore. If he would have given money to the KKK to lobby against segregation I bet this would be a bigger deal. I bet if he wouldn't hire women because he thought women should only be homemakers that'd also be a big deal. Why are gay rights not important enough to you and Mozilla to not stand up against this fucking bigotry?

To put it into perspective, a week or so ago the internet was a flurry of rage when geekli.st's photographer put up a sexist video calling them sexist for not making the photographer take it down. Let me say that again, a photographer put up a sexist video and they, Geekli.st, were expected to be responsible and make the photographer take it down which in the end they did. Now it's time for us to make Mozilla responsible and not let them take our donations to pay employees to use it against our own community.

We shouldn't support any organization relying on our donations to discriminate on it's employees, our friends, and maybe even our family. It's not right and we should make Mozilla do something about it just like we'd have a public outcry if any Mozilla employee was being openly racist.

Mozilla, as of now, you've lost all my support. Everyone else, I hope you join me and not let this unjustice just be brushed under the rug.