My Personal Findings on Google+ Vs. Twitter Vs. Facebook

I've been using Google+ quite a bit this past week on top of my obsessive Twitter habit and my slight feeling of obligation to share some things on Facebook for my non-Twitter friends. I've found there are some serious differences between all of the networks and these differences are making me love G+ even more.

For one, I've noticed that G+ friends are more social. Twitter followers are quite social, and I get a lot of responses (Klout of 55 as of writing this), but you can't truly converse with them. I noticed many Twitter followers after 1 or 2 replies just don't reply and sometimes you get the occasional dickhead on Twitter that goes "Twitter is not meant for conversations. It's not a chat room" (despite the fact it is). G+ friends tho seem to keep conversations going for sometimes up to a week, and these aren't one word responses. Check out this screenshot for example:

Thats how most of the conversations seem to go if you post a discussion topic style update. Or, for example, I recently posted a status just saying I was bored of all my music and one person responded on Twitter, and about 10 on G+ and 2 people came back 2 days later to post more. I have no idea why, but Facebook never comes close to this level interaction. Instead, Facebook has a strong "like" community.

Google+ has "+1" and it does in fact get used, but not to the same degree Facebook's does and nowhere near Twitter's starring. G+ users +1 things, but it seems like they are much more prone to clicking share instead. Share seems to be seldomly used on Facebook, whereas G+ users share stuff that's interesting or cool instead of +1ing it. Just about every link i've shared on G+ has at least 1 share, where as Facebook I could count on my hands in the last year how many times people have reshared it. Twitter has a strong RT community (which, if you didn't know, is a retweet. It's the same as a reshare on Facebook or G+). It gets far more reshares than G+ right now, but G+ is catching up.

Another thing I can't stand about Facebook is that it makes friending awkward. If you don't accept someone, they know. Maybe it's your boss or that crazy right-wing religious nut at your work. If you don't friend them, they'll know and probably ask you why. If you do, then you better hope no one tags you in those pictures of you raving in that neon leopard print man thong. Twitter is the most passive. No notifications anyone followed or unfollowed you which is great for what Twitter is. Now G+ really kicks ass here with it's circles concept. It just lets you know someone added you to a circle. That's it. You also don't need to "accept" anything. They're added and now you can add them back, but you could add them to the "quarantine" circle where nothing ever really gets posted and just whenever you post a public item it gets sent to them. They'll never know what they are missing.

I can hear it now though, "Facebook lists are exactly the same as G+'s circles", and they pretty much are. The difference though is that Facebook just didn't see grouping as important as it was to users and didn't really work out the whole UI/UX of creating lists. My family and friends don't care about my latest JavaScript API that's now in a public beta stage. And my developer friends probably don't care that my son just took his first bite of real food, but Facebook put this in as an afterthought thinking that everyone on Facebook is your family or friend. G+ put this in as the way of grouping people and when you get notified about someone adding you to a circle you have a chance to add them to a circle. At the other side of the spectrum, Twitter lists are one sided. You can add people to lists, but they can see you did and you can't post to a list. Lists on Twitter are just a cheap way to fix the problem so many Twitter followers have, follow everyone.

Maybe all of these great G+ outcomes are just because it's new and everyone is trying out everything, but only time will tell. The move from Facebook to G+ though has been insane. I've personally invited around 40 people. 2 people have already deleted their Facebook accounts, and I see about 10-15 active users that I invited on it. Let's just hope it keeps going this way so we can jump off the Facebook SS Disaster early before it sinks.